• Applaud End to Elephant Rides at Renaissance Fair

    A renaissance fair has cancelled all elephant rides due to increasing public outcry against the for-profit exploitation of animals. Applaud this compassionate decision. […]

  • Punish Man Accused of Sawing Off Live Horse’s Leg

    A man is accused of using a saw to amputate the leg of an injured horse without sedation or anesthesia. Demand justice for this animal, which had to be euthanized due to the extent of its injuries. […]

  • Applaud Ban on Construction Next to Zoo

    Planned construction next to a zoo has been scrapped in the interest of the well-being of zoo animals. Applaud this rare decision to prioritize animal welfare over corporate interests. […]

  • Justice for 14 Dogs and One Cat Allegedly Kept in Deplorable Conditions

    Dogs were allegedly kept in filthy conditions, denied food, water, and necessary veterinary care. Demand that those responsible are punished. […]

  • Demand Police Find Kidnapper Holding Dog for Ransom

    A couple has reported their beloved pet pug as being held for a large ransom due to the dog's escape from their home on Easter morning. The kidnapper has yet to be identified. Sign this petition to demand they be found and made to face justice for this act of selfish cruelty. […]

  • Require Pet Stores to Partner with Rescue Groups

    Shelter animals face a daunting road when trying to find a forever home. If pet stores were to partner with animal shelters and rescue organizations, shelter animals could get the help they need in finding homes. Please sign this petition to urge Colorado to create a statewide partnership between pet stores and animal rescues. […]

  • Justice for Injured Dog Allegedly Killed by Man With Sledgehammer

    A man is accused of using a sledgehammer to kill a dog in front of onlooking witnesses, including a 10-year-old boy who has reported nightmares. Demand that he is punished harshly, if guilty. […]

  • Protect Birds From Cruelty in Farms and Labs

    Birds do not receive the same animal welfare protections as other animals that are used in research, commercially bred and transported, and exhibited to the public. Without this protection, they can be kept in very small, cramped cages with little to no access to food, water, and sunshine. Sign this petition and demand these protections are expanded to include birds. […]

  • Justice for German Shepherd Allegedly Beaten by Owner

    A dog was allegedly punched, yelled at, and sworn at by its owner. Demand justice for this innocent animal. […]

  • Stop Drowning Otters for Their Fur

    Countless otters are trapped and killed so their unique fur can be turned into clothing. Trappers are now using brutal underwater traps, which kill the poor otters by violently drowning them. Sign this petition to demand an end to otter trapping. […]

  • Demand More Vegan Food Options to Save Animals

    There is no way to humanely kill an animal who doesn't want to die. Yet while cafes and coffee houses are beginning to become more vegan-friendly in the drinks they offer, they are still hesitant to offer humane vegan food. Please sign this petition to urge Barnes and Noble to offer vegan options in their cafe and prevent needless animal suffering. […]

  • Stop Mailing Live Tadpoles for Science Experiments

    African clawed frogs are commonly sold in kits for science experiments, dooming them to a short and unpleasant life. Sign this petition to ban this inhumane practice. […]

  • Do Not Ban Dogs From Downtown Area

    Dogs cannot stay or walk anymore in the downtown area of Eugene, Oregon. The canine ban has been criticized for not only locking out inoffensive animals but also excluding homeless people and limiting citizens’ right to come and go. Sign the petition to have this absurd ban immediately lifted and Eugene transformed into a city that welcomes everyone. […]

  • Rescue Gajraj the Elephant From Alleged Torture at Temple

    An elephant is dying in apparent agony at a temple after spending most of his life in captivity. The temple allegedly keeps him completely alone and chained to the floor. Sign this petition to help save this elephant and to implement legislation that stops this from happening to more animals in the future. […]

  • Demand Jail Time for Men Who Dragged Cows With Chains and a Tractor

    Three men were recently convicted of animal cruelty for kicking, punching and beating cows with rakes and canes. They also tied chains to sick and injured animals' necks and dragged them with tractors to move them. Demand that these men are punished to the fullest extent of the law. […]

  • Britain: Don’t Increase Animal Testing After Brexit

    Anti-vivisection campaigners are concerned that Britain’s use of cruel and unnecessary experiments on animals will increase after the nation’s secession from the European Union. Tell Britain to use this opportunity to create stricter testing regulations and lead the movement to end animal testing altogether. […]

  • Cancel Rodeo Event That Rips Tails Off Bulls

    An event where a bull’s tail is pulled and the poor animal is chased by a man on horseback is scheduled to take place without any regard to the animal’s welfare. Bulls typically experience broken tails or even dismemberment during the event. Sign this petition to demand that the cruel event is canceled. […]

  • Praise Country for Banning Animals in Circuses

    A country has made the bold decision to ban all animals in circuses. Animals in circuses are denied everything natural to them and are often subjected to abuse and neglect. Sign this petition to praise this country for making the compassionate change. […]

  • Find Person Responsible for the Deaths of Nearly 80 Roosters

    Nearly 80 rooster corpses were recently discovered in garbage bins, in what authorities suspect have been used as dump sites for the victims of cockfighting. Demand justice for these innocent animals. […]

  • Stop Cruel Circus That Allegedly Beats Animals

    An arena is moving forward with its plans to host the notoriously cruel Jordan World Circus. Animals used in circuses are typically subjected to abuse, neglect and excessive confinement. Sign this petition and demand the venue cancel its plans with Jordan World Circus unless it drops its animal acts. […]