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  • Punish Man Who Beat and Strangled Dog in Viral Video

    Video footage showed a dog yelping and crying as the poor animal was beaten and strangled. The man behind the camera laughed as another man whipped the dog with a leash and hoisted the dog up by the collar. Demand justice for this poor dog. […]

  • Punish Men Accused of Raping Service Dog

    Two men allegedly sexually abused a service dog in an attempt to get revenge against the dog's owner. Per police, the men had sex with the dog after the dog's owner refused to have a threesome with them. Demand justice for this innocent dog. […]

  • Don’t Drug Racing Greyhounds With Cocaine

    Greyhound dogs who are already abused by the cruel racing industry could soon be forcibly given cocaine. Demand that this inhumane and ridiculous idea be rejected. […]

  • Dog Covered in Feces with Severely Matted Fur Deserves Justice

    A dog allegedly suffered from thick debilitating fur mats in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The dog was reportedly covered in feces and denied necessary veterinary care for her wounds. Demand justice for this innocent dog. […]

  • Success: Resort Ends Cruel Big Cat Show

    A popular Las Vegas resort has finally dropped an inhumane big cat show. The owner of these cats has been cited for countless violations, including denying the animals exercise and forcefully declawing them. Sign this petition and praise the resort for ending its support of this cruelty. […]

  • Forbid the Entrapment of Wild Monkeys as Pets

    Wild monkeys can legally be captured from the wild and held captive as domestic pets in Mauritius, despite the severe psychological damage it causes them. Demand that this inhumane practice be made illegal. […]

  • Punish Man Who Allegedly Struck Kitten Against Wall Repeatedly

    A kitten was allegedly struck against a wall repeatedly in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The suspect then reportedly threw the kitten into a litter box after the kitten defecated on the floor. Demand justice for this poor kitten. […]

  • Stop Killing Mice With Cruel, Inhumane Glue Traps

    A university reportedly uses glue traps to control rodents despite knowing these traps are incredibly cruel. Animals stuck on these traps will resort to desperate measures to escape, including chewing off their own limbs. Demand the university look into alternative, more humane methods of rodent control. […]

  • Severely Punish Men Allegedly Involved in Cockfighting Ring

    Nearly 30 roosters were allegedly being used as part of a cockfighting ring in Colorado. The birds were physically altered and bred for aggression by people who trained them to participate in a vicious blood sport. Demand that those accused be harshly punished if found guilty of this heinous crime. […]

  • End the Dog Genocide in Jordan

    Thousands of stray dogs are being hunted down and killed under a religious decree in Jordan. The order was handed down due to one girl's death from rabies, despite the most likely cause being the hospital's negligence. Yet, the dogs are being made the scapegoat. Sign this petition to stop this senseless slaughter. […]

  • Punish Groomer Who Allegedly Broke Dog’s Jaw

    Two dogs were allegedly abused by their groomer and one suffered a broken jaw in a shocking case of animal cruelty. A video reportedly showed the groomer shaking and choking one of the dogs. Demand justice for these innocent dogs. […]

  • Justice for Lillith the Lynx

    An escaped lynx from a Wales zoo was unfairly put down due to public paranoia and accusations of the lynx killing a farmer's sheep. Due to current problems at the zoo, any animal could face a similar fate. Sign this petition to demand the county council think twice before putting an escaped animal down in the future. […]

  • Success: Nosey the Elephant Removed from Allegedly Abusive Owner

    An elephant who has spent the past 25 years of her life confined in isolation and denied proper veterinary care was finally rescued and removed from her owner's care. Sign this petition to thank the animal control officer responsible for intervening on behalf of Nosey the Elephant. […]

  • Punish Man Who Allegedly Beat His Girlfriend’s Dog

    A dog suffered significant eye and face injuries after she was allegedly beaten by her owner's boyfriend. The boyfriend reportedly beat the dog because he was jealous of the attention the dog was getting from his girlfriend. Demand justice for this poor dog. […]

  • Shut Down Deadly Fur Farm

    Hundreds of animals are allegedly being tortured at an Iowa fur farm. Sign the petition and demand this fur farm be shut down immediately so that no more animals have to suffer. […]

  • Dogs Reportedly Starved and Forced to Live in Filth Deserve Justice

    Three dogs suffered and one died when they were allegedly denied access to food, water, and adequate shelter. The dogs were reportedly dehydrated, malnourished, and lived in their own urine and feces. Demand justice for these poor dogs. […]

  • Shut Down Dairy Farm Where Workers Allegedly Beat Cows With Metal Rods

    A chilling undercover video shot at a Florida dairy farm appears to show farm workers savagely beating cows with metal rods and kicking them in the head. Sign this petition to demand that this farm be shut down immediately if these allegations are proven to be true. […]

  • Justice for Dog Allegedly Burned With Scalding Hot Water

    A dog was horribly burned when her owner's boyfriend allegedly poured scalding hot water over the pup five times. The animal survived, but the damage is done, and the dog's alleged attacker must face justice. Sign this petition to ensure that this dog's suffering does not go unpunished. […]

  • Ferret Allegedly Baked Alive in Oven Deserves Justice

    A ferret died a horrific death when she was allegedly placed inside of an oven and cooked alive. The ferret reportedly stuck to the bottom coil of the oven and she had several burn marks in the shape of the oven's coils on her body. Demand justice for this innocent ferret. […]

  • Piglet Found Falling Apart From Neglect Deserves Justice

    A feed store is accused of neglecting a piglet to the point of near-death and also abusing many chickens. Ensure the alleged perpetrators of this cruelty are brought to justice. […]