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The Animal Rights Knowledge (ARK) Center is an animal rights educational advocacy organization whose mission is to protect and defend the life, rights, and freedoms of all living creatures. Additionally, we unequivocally advocate and promote veganism as a moral imperative in protecting nonhuman animals. We believe that “all” life is God-given and therefore it should be highly respected and cherished, particularly that of the most innocent and vulnerable among us, our nonhuman animal relatives. Therefore, as humans, it is our “moral” obligation, in fellowship and kinship, to bring about a cultural acceptance and respect for the sanctity and protection of all animal life, in accordance with God’s grand design.

Our major goal is to provide access to timely and open information and knowledge resources, and increase awareness and understanding of nonhuman animal protection issues and activities. We aim to inform, educate, and influence the general public in embracing a more comprehensive understanding and compassionate attitude towards the life of all creatures, and to provide them with all the protections and rights they need and deserve. We support programs and initiatives that raise human consciousness and motivate individual and social action to end the exploitation of all nonhuman animals; specifically: advocating animal abolition, ending animal exploitation and factory farming, advancing nonhuman rights and personhood, and promoting ethical veganism.