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Record level of brutal animal cruelty shared on Snapchat

EWAN PALMER: ‘The RSPCA have condemned a “disturbing” trend among young people to film themselves torturing animals after figures show the number of reports of abuse being shared on Snapchat has soared by 340%. Children setting fire to a squirrel, a fish having its eyes gouged out and a sheep being beaten to death with a golf club are among some of the horrific examples of animal abuse that have been broadcast and shared via Snapchat. The animal charity said so far this year, they have received 119 reports of animals being abused on Snapchat, up from 69 last year and 27 in 2015… An RSPCA intelligence researcher, who cannot be named as they work undercover to gather evidence for prosecution, said: “What’s even more concerning than the 340% increase in reports of videos of animal cruelty on Snapchat in just two years, is the level of cruelty being seen”… The officer added: “When you consider that Snapchat is particularly popular with children and young teenagers, it’s particularly troubling that they could easily be witnessing animals being beaten, tortured and even killed in graphic detail

… The RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit (SOU) said they fear the social media platform makes the people creating the videos and images feel “invincible and untraceable” because the posts disappear after 10 seconds’. SOURCE…

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