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Cruelty crusade victory: Animal thugs to face five years behind bars in UK

STUART WINTER: ‘The RSPCA said it was “thrilled” the Government was cracking down on the worst animal abusers who will now face up to five years for crimes that shock the nation. launched a Cruelty Crusade last year after series of appalling cases of scaldings, stabbings and beatings of innocent animals ended with torturers facing a maximum of six months behind bars under the Animal Welfare Act. Environment Secretary Michael Gove says a ten-fold increase in the courts’ powers are needed to combat cruelty… Investigators say the surge in reports is being fanned by the public witnessing increased amounts of animal cruelty on social media. Among the worst cases the animal welfare investigated were two snakes decapitated by scissors, a shih-tzu repeatedly stabbed in the face and neck with a kitchen knife and a golden eagle kept in a cramped kitchen. One case caused widespread public outrage when two brothers, who filmed themselves abusing their family pet bulldog, walked from court with suspended sentences. A petition calling for them to be jailed gained more than 470,000 supporters’. SOURCE…

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