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Canada sees rise in animal research numbers in 2016

SPEAKING OF RESEARCH: ‘The Canadian Council on Animal Care is the national peer-review organization responsible for setting, maintaining, and overseeing the implementation of high standards for animal ethics and care in science throughout Canada… released the 2016 statistics describing the numbers and species of animals utilized in science. It shows that 4,308,921 animals were used in research in 2016. The report also included statistics regarding the purpose and severity of the research procedures… CCAC certified institutions utilized 4,308,921 animals in 2016, representing a 20.7% increase over 2015… Fish were the most utilized species representing 1,602,547 (37.2%) of all animals. This was consistent with the 2014 data but a change for the 2015 statistics that saw mice as the primary species. Mice still saw a 7% increase to 1,500,156 (34.8%) animals. While different from many other countries cattle maintain their position as the third most reported species with 526,249 (12.2%)’. SOURCE…

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