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5 Animal Rights Superheroes

ARIEL NESSEL: ‘Each October 1st, World Vegetarian Day, the Pollination Project recognizes a handful of the behind-the-scenes superheroes through the Lisa Shapiro Awards; a $2500 cash prize offered by a global community of animal rights peers. Over 80 people had a hand in selecting this years’ winners. May they serve as an example of the many thousands of selfless activists on whose shoulders we stand, as our global movement continues to grow… Like other global movements that seem to just pop up out of nowhere, under the surface lies decades of sacrifice and service by people who work day in and day out, without pay, recognition, praise or acknowledgement, for the benefit of the animals. There are tens of thousands of these people worldwide who have formed the foundation of the animal advocacy movement. They started long before veganism was on trend, and they won’t give up until all animals can live free from human harm’. SOURCE…

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