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Animal Legal Defense Fund suing Downtown Aquarium, Landry’s Inc. over tigers

WILLIAM AXFORD: ‘The Animal Legal Defense Fund is suing Landry’s Inc. over four white tigers that are being kept at the Downtown Aquarium. The animal rights group claims Landry’s Inc. is is violating the Endangered Species Act by keeping the tigers in substandard conditions. The San Francisco-based group threatened to sue last year if the tigers were not moved to a new home. “These tigers have spent over a decade confined to small spaces—with cement and stone flooring. Deprived of walking on dirt and grass, breathing fresh air, and feeling the sun’s warmth,” Stephen Wells, an executive director with the defense fund, said in a statement. “The cages provided in no way mimic a tiger’s natural environment—which makes many of their natural behaviors—like running, swimming or engaging in stalking or hunting behaviors –impossible”… The aquarium is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums through 2020. The AZA is a nonprofit organization that advocates for animal rights in zoos and aquariums’. SOURCE…

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