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Litany of lab horrors: Investigation reveals suffering, neglect, and incompetence in University of Pittsburgh laboratories

PETA: ‘Limbs surgically bent into unnatural positions. An unsutured wound so deep that it exposed tendons. Experiments designed to kill slowly and painfully. These are just a few of the horrors documented in PETA eyewitness footage captured in laboratories hidden from public view at the University of Pittsburgh… What we found: Experimenters, not veterinarians, often gave the orders regarding animal care, and experiments that were horribly cruel and seemingly pointless were approved by both the university and the federal agencies that fund them… Experimenter Gregory Cooper deliberately breeds rabbits so that their babies will have malformed skulls—even though decades of such cruel experiments have failed to produce therapies that could help humans afflicted with similar conditions… This world of suffering was secret until PETA went inside and uncovered what U.S. taxpayers are funding there… Pitt, as the university is called, uses thousands of animals—including dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, mice, and rats—in cruel experiments. Pitt raked in more than $475 million in federal research grants in 2016 alone, and much of that was wasted on experiments involving animals

… Pitt’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is the oversight body responsible for ensuring that animals in its laboratories do not experience pain or distress beyond what is deemed “necessary” for the experiment. The fact that Pitt’s IACUC approved barbaric and antiquated experiments and turned a blind eye to cruel and callous treatment of animals is a shameful abdication of responsibility’. SOURCE…

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