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Cruel use of 115 monkeys in experiments at British warfare lab

ANTHONY JOSEPH: ‘Animal rights activists have blasted ‘cruel’ use of 115 monkeys in experiments at the Ministry of Defence’s warfare lab, as the number tested for Ebola and turberculosis tripled in a year. Experts at Portdon Down, in Wiltshire, have been testing on marmoset monkeys in a bid to eradicate the deadly diseases. The research was said to be aimed at understanding the development and spread of Ebola and TB in animals, with later experiments working on possible treatments… Claire Palmer, of the Animal Justice Project, told the Daily Mirror: “Shockingly the number of monkeys has almost tripled in a year from 45. Further investigation on the types of primate experiments is a catalogue of cruel, repetitive experiments for infectious diseases… The monkeys suffered depression, withdrawn behaviour and abnormal respiration – and up to 20% loss in body weight”… Revealing the scale of the Ebola research, officials said in 2014 that all the animals were awake when they were infected with the virus, then [killed] after tests or when their suffering became too severe

… Official figures at the time showed 200 mice and 56 marmosets were infected with the disease, which caused internal haemorrhaging, and then killed, over two years. Last year alone, 2,745 animals – including macaque monkeys, pigs, marmosets, rabbits and guinea pigs – were housed in Porton Down’. SOURCE…

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