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Dogs with cut vocal cords sold at Chinese pet market

TRACY YOU: ‘Dogs with their vocal cords removed are being sold as pets in a market where an illegal vet was caught performing shocking ‘de-barking’ operations just days before… Video clips provided by a local animal activist shows dogs being kept in cages at a pet stall in the Qingbaijiang Birds and Flowers Market in Chengdu, south-west China. The animal activist, who wished to remain anonymous, said many of the pets on sale could not bark and he saw the animals desperately trying to make sound in order to express themselves. In mid-September, an undercover investigation caught an unlicensed vet cutting the vocal cords from dogs in the same market – because their owners were fed up with them barking… Millions of people have been shocked after an undercover report by local newspaper Chengdu Business Daily revealed the vet performing devocalisation operations on animals in the street… According to PETA Asia, the other vendors in the market and the vet were likely to share business interests. The vendors were being extra cautious while speaking to visitors to the market after the vet had been caught. The Qingbaijiang Agriculture and Forestry Bureau told volunteers from PETA Asia that they had banned the vet from carrying out further surgery and taken away his tools’. SOURCE…

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