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U.S. House considering lifting ban on horse meat

CAROLINE KELLY: ‘Animal advocates are keeping close watch on Congress amid concern that a moratorium on horse meat production may be in jeopardy. Congress shut down the industry nearly a decade ago by cutting off funds for USDA meat inspectors. But in July, a key House committee approved an annual farm spending bill that would lift the ban. The full House then ratified that shift in policy, for the first time in two years — opening the door to revival of an industry that many Americans find repugnant, but which some horse owners view as a practical way to dispose of unwanted livestock. Horse meat is consumed in a number of countries, including Mexico, Japan, France and Belgium. Two of the three U.S. slaughterhouses serving the export market before the 2006 ban were in North Texas, in Kaufman and Fort Worth… Congress has banned federal outlays on horse meat inspectors since 2006, effectively shutting down the industry In 2011, Congress dropped the ban from its annual USDA budget. Ban opponents cited a GAO report that year that found that 138,000 horses were shipped to plants in Mexico and Canada — about the same number as were slaughtered at U.S. plants before the ban. Animal rights groups fought successfully in court in 2013 to block slaughterhouses from reopening. Congress reinstated the inspector ban in 2014’. SOURCE…

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