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Putting the power of the paint brush to work for animal rights: Hong Kong artist targets Asia’s dog meat trade

YUPINA NG: ‘Hong Kong entrepreneur and animal rights activist Peng Hong-ling is hoping to bring an end to Asia’s dog meat trade … using oil paintings. The 58 year old, known by his pen name Genlin, began his campaign against cruelty in the industry three years ago after he went back to his family’s hometown in the southern Chinese province of Guizhou and saw a four-storey building full of dog meat sellers. Describing it as “the saddest experience” of his life, Peng learned about how the trade was one of Guizhou’s traditions and that it was common for locals to eat the meat, with some even saying it was their favourite food. Peng was utterly shocked. He has been a dog lover since he was a little boy. “I remember my dad once told me about how his pet dog would try to stop his mum punishing him for poor school grades by standing between them,” he said. “Dogs actually have many human-like qualities. Why would people want to eat them?” Although he was born and raised in Shanghai, Peng spends most of his time living and working in the United States, Japan and Hong Kong. He had no idea people were still eating dogs before his trip to Guizhou. He said he couldn’t understand why the practice was still allowed since many activists like him had been working hard on promoting animal rights’. SOURCE…

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