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Puerto Rico’s abandoned dogs all killed by hurricane

JENNIFER GOULD KELL: ‘The dogs ran wild on so-called “Dead Dog Beach” in Puerto Rico — abused and then abandoned by their owners… Christina Beckles, a New Yorker who founded a nonprofit to save the slum dogs of Puerto Rico, flew to the devastated island after the hurricane to assist her staff at the Sato Project and whatever dogs they could help… “Sadly, we did not find them and our hearts are heavy with the reality upon seeing the utter devastation at the beach — they did not survive”… “Our team visited the beach yesterday and upon seeing the devastation we believe at this time those dogs have perished. We have rescued three dogs since the hurricane – all dumped during the storm. One is heavily pregnant and was with a small puppy.” She was told by a security guard for the hotel at the beach that the dogs “were screaming in terror”.’ SOURCE…

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