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Doped Up Dogs: Why Greyhounds Are Being Given Cocaine

MAX DALY: ‘Doping in the dog racing world has decreased in recent years, but it’s still happening throughout the UK and Ireland… In the last three years, racing greyhounds have tested positive for an alphabet soup of sedatives, steroids and stimulants, designed to either hinder or boost a dog’s ability. Cocaine, barbiturates, ketamine, Viagra, cannabis, beta-blockers, Ritalin and morphine have been found in greyhounds. So have novocaine, caffeine, anti-malaria drugs, antihistamines and medicines for treating human hair loss. Doping gives dog owners or trainers an underhand advantage when it comes to gambling. By illegally drugging their dogs, they can control their performance on the track and in the betting ring. Sometimes, dogs are sedated in races to lengthen their odds for the target race. Dogs are then raced without sedatives, or given stimulant drugs or steroids in order to improve their performance, earning those in the know big cash rewards. Despite the dangers to their health posed by drugging dogs, trainers caught doping are often handed a small fine and allowed to continue racing… Pumping greyhounds full of powerful drugs is not just a British and Irish thing. In New South Wales, Australia, 20 trainers were caught doping their dogs in eight months despite promises by the sport to clean up its act. In America, where 40 states have banned the sport, most of the tracks are in Florida’. SOURCE…

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