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The world’s largest animal rights march ever: An estimated 30,000 activists flock to Tel Aviv rally

DANIEL K. EISENBUD: ‘Thousands of demonstrators gathered to march in downtown Tel Aviv… to protest the inhumane treatment of animals in Israel, in what organizers are deeming one of the largest animal rights protests in history. Holding placards stating “Compassion, justice, veganism!” and “Stop the shipping!” (referring to the shipment of livestock from overseas), the protesters began in Meir Park… and concluded at Rabin Square… Shira Hertzanu, head of media relations at Anonymous for Animal Rights, which helped organize the event with a coalition of other animal rights groups, including Vegan Active, said she was expecting a record turnout. “Tonight is the biggest animal rights march in history,” she said before the protest began. “We are expecting 30,000 marchers to arrive here to demand justice and compassion for all animals.” Hertzanu continued: “We’re talking about all kinds of animals – animals in the food industry, animals in the wild, and cats and dogs. All the people who are coming here tonight are caring people who don’t want to see animals being harmed”

… Omri Paz, CEO of Vegan Friendly Organization, echoed Hertzanu’s sentiments, adding that he hoped the protest would encourage people to cease eating meat and purchasing leather and fur products. “We hope that just for one day – even if for just a couple hours – all of Israel and all the press will stop and just give the stage and spotlight to show the problems facing animals at factory farms, and any other abuse or exploitation of dogs, cats or other animals,” he said’. SOURCE…

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