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This Netflix Super Pig could shake up the American food chain

KATIE KALMUSKY: ‘From the idyllic mountains of South Korea to a horrifying meat-processing plant in New Jersey, Bong Joon-ho’s Okja is a brilliant satire that provides a stark and grim commentary on the modern-day capitalist food chain. It’s a gripping, disturbing and heartwarming journey with a lesson that may very well leave you in tears. Meet Okja, a hippopotamus-like “Super Pig” genetically engineered by the Mirando Corporation, a New York City-based agrochemical corporation trying to propagate a revolution in global food production… The Mirando Corporation has sinister plans for Okja and her kind, and Mija’s rescue mission brings her face-to-face with the dark realities of factory farming and genetic engineering. Sound familiar? It should’… Okja’s genius is in questioning the truths we blindly accept every single day of our lives. It follows Okja through a system that refuses to recognize her as more than a commodity; it comments on a capitalist food chain that abuses animals to appease our taste buds. It is worth watching to experience how cleverly Ho appeals to our humanity in an effort to educate us about factory farms and genetic engineering; it is equally worth it to also reflect on why we need our humanity appealed to in the first place to put an end this horrific system. Will you feel guilty after watching it? Put it this way, you likely won’t be craving bacon anytime soon. But that’s the whole point’. SOURCE…

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