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Animal Cruelty Knows No Bounds: Encouraging Kids to Kill and Abuse

MARC BEKOFF: ‘Two very disturbing messages came into my email inbox last evening… The first note I received centered on the on-going war against predators, including possums, in New Zealand… While many people still don’t know about New Zealand’s war on wildlife with the goal of getting rid of all predators by 2050, a good number of people do and are working hard to stop it as soon as they can… The second note I received centered on an essay by Judy Carman titled “ART WITHOUT ANIMAL CRUELTY”… She begins, “It all started when ‘The Story of Chickens’ art project came to town. The artist’s plan was to display a group of chickens in a mobile pen for 30 days and then publicly kill them and serve them to her audience as a meal”… Ms. Carman goes on to write, “Still, a nagging question hung in the air— how could the original art project ever have been considered ‘art’ and given a grant?… And how could there be so many other animal abusing ‘art’ projects that have caused the suffering and deaths of so many sentient beings?” 

Returning to the horrific situation in New Zealand, some people also accept animal abuse because it’s part of some sort of sanctioned master plan, as is the goal to rid the islands of pests by 2050. They think it’s okay because some authority figures say it is. One person who works on behalf of animals in New Zealand wrote, “The hate seems so widespread and ‘acceptable’…The Government propaganda has sadly convinced the vast majority of the NZ population. It will be a really tough nut to crack.” And it surely will be. Of course, the animals themselves don’t really care if their pain and death are sanctioned or not. They suffer and die regardless of the intent of the abusers. And, people who care must do something about it.’ SOURCE…

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