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‘Wow, no cow’: the Swedish farmer using oats to make milk

TOM LEVITT: ‘Adam Arnesson, 27, is not your usual milk producer. For starters, he doesn’t have any dairy cattle… Until last year all these oats went into animal feed, either sold or fed to the sheep, pigs and cows he rears on his organic farm in Örebro county, central Sweden. With the support of Swedish drinks company Oatly, they are now being used to produce an oat milk drink – tapping into the growing market for dairy alternatives across the country… Ditch the cows, drink oat milk and save the planet, has been the gist of its marketing messaging… CEO Toni Petersson says the company is just “telling people what the science tells us about the need to consume more plant-based foods”… The rearing of livestock and meat consumption accounts for 14.5% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Alongside carbon emissions from deforestation (for pasture or crops to feed animals), the livestock sector is also the single biggest human-related source of methane (from cattle) and nitrous oxide emissions (from fertiliser and manure), two particularly potent greenhouse gases. On current trends, by 2050 we will be growing more crops to feed directly to animals than ourselves. Even small shifts to feeding crops to humans instead of livestock would lead to significant increases in food availability’. SOURCE…

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