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Animal rights activists face trial over slaughterhouse video

RFI: ‘Two animal rights activists were to face trial on Monday for concealing cameras in a slaughterhouse and broadcasting video of pigs being slaughtered in a way they consider to be cruel. The two face charges of trespassing in an individual’s home and invasion of privacy after being caught trying to retrieve their cameras from a slaughterhouse near Paris where Sébastien Arsac and Tony Duhamel had hidden them so as to film its procedure for killing pigs. Arsac is one of the founders of the L214 animal rights group, which campaigns against the consumption of animal products. The trial was suspended in June when their lawyers challenged the charges on the grounds that the “individual” in question is the company that operates the abattoir… The company in question is being investigated for animal cruelty in response to a legal complaint made by the campaign group’. SOURCE…

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