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Industrial farming is driving the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth, says leading academic

IAN JOHNSTON: ‘Industrial agriculture is bringing about the mass extinction of life on Earth, according to a leading academic. Professor Raj Patel, of the University of Texas at Austin, said mass deforestation to clear the ground for single crops like palm oil and soy, the creation of vast dead zones in the sea by fertiliser and other chemicals, and the pillaging of fishing grounds to make feed for livestock show giant corporations can not be trusted to produce food for the world… This is just one reason why geologists are considering declaring a new epoch of the Earth, called the Anthropocene, as the fossils of soon-to-be extinct animals will form a line in the rocks of the future… Prof Patel said: “The footprint of global agriculture is vast. Industrial agriculture is absolutely responsible for driving deforestation, absolutely responsible for pushing industrial monoculture, and that means it is responsible for species loss. We’re losing species we have never heard of, those we’ve yet to put a name to and industrial agriculture is very much at the spear-tip of that”… Asked what people could do “as a consumer” to try to avoid contributing to such problems, Prof Patel said people needed to think on a bigger scale… He said some people thought being a vegetarian avoided contributing to the extinction crisis’. SOURCE…

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