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Mexico City is banning dolphin shows, taking a lead on animal rights

EMILY GREEN: ‘At Six Flags in Mexico City, massive signs encourage people to visit the popular dolphin show… But the exhibition will have to close by the end of January, thanks to a new law in Mexico City banning the use of dolphins and other marine mammals in shows, therapy sessions and scientific experiments. The law passed on Aug. 1 with unanimous support… The dolphins at the Six Flags exhibit aren’t headed for freedom. Instead, they will be moved to another water park owned by Dolphin Discovery (which owns the Six Flags in Mexico City). The company, which operates other dolphin shows in Mexico, declined to comment. Yolanda Alaniz, a dolphin advocate and major proponent of the Mexico City legislation, says she considers the new law a success, despite its limitations. She is already gearing up to try to extend the prohibition on dolphin shows across the country… “Having Mexico City itself take this enormous step is very important, and we think sends a strong signal to the rest of Mexico and Latin America that this is something they need to think about,” says Mark Palmer, associate director of the International Marine Mammal Project, which advocates against the captivity of whales and dolphins for circus shows’. SOURCE…

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