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Houston animals are lost, cold and suffering too

NINA BURLEIGH: ‘As human victims of Houston flooding struggle to find shelter, many of their dogs, cats, horses, cattle and other four-legged and winged creatures that depend on human care for survival are being abandoned and lost—but not forgotten. With Noah’s ark nowhere to be seen, Houston has become a city of lost, wet, shivering animals, often separated from their human families. On Monday night, 9,021 humans slept in Houston’s convention center, double the capacity. Although the center is allowing pets inside, many victims had to leave animals behind during harrowing escapes from rising waters by boat. Hundreds of people have posted heartbreaking and sometimes dramatic stories of lost pets on Facebook pages devoted to tracking them… The Facebook page Hurricane Harvey Animals Rescue Support is filled with heartrending requests for immediate assistance. Sightings include dogs chained to abandoned homes near rising waters, and rescue boats that have picked up families but don’t have room for household pets. The page is also a clearinghouse for people across the nation to connect if they are willing to take in animals’. SOURCE…

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