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Vegetarian diets really DO lower your cholesterol

PHOEBE WESTON: ‘Plant-based diets really do lower cholesterol, according to a review of nearly 50 studies. Vegetarians generally eat more greens, fruits and nuts which means they have a lower intake of saturated fat, researchers found. These foods are naturally rich in components such as soluble fibre, soy protein, and plant sterols (a cholesterol found in plants), all of which lower cholesterol. High cholesterol is particularly dangerous as it often goes undiagnosed and therefore untreated. It is associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease, strokes and vascular diseases. The authors suggest eating more greens could be a good preventive care for people who might be concerned about their cardiovascular health – helping them to address the problem before it’s too late… The study looked into controlled trials and studies that looked at the effects of at least four weeks of vegetarian diet. Of the 8385 studies identified, 30 observational studies and 19 clinical trials met the inclusion criteria’. SOURCE…

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