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Outrage as brown bear is hunted down and killed ‘two years’ after attacking a hiker in Italy

Iain Burns: ‘Animal rights activists have reacted with horror after forest rangers killed a female bear that attacked a 70-year-old hiker in Italy’s Dolomites mountains. The bear – known as ‘KJ2’ – was shot dead in Trentino province on Sunday out of ‘absolute necessity’, according to the area’s governor, who said it had also attacked other people in 2015… But infuriated members of the the Italian Association for the Defence of Animals and the Environment (AIDAA) have begun a campaign to dissuade tourists from visiting the area, which is popular with European tourists for its ski resorts. In a statement, the organisation said: ‘So far we have hear of about 30 cancellations of houses and hotels affecting some 100 tourists who have decided not to pass their holidays in Trentino after the barbaric killing of the bear.’ Posters pushing for a boycott of the area have already begun to appear on road signs. World Wildlife Foundation vice president Dante Caserta, meanwhile, said that the bear ‘should not have to pay for human errors’. SOURCE…

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