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Jerusalem’s feline savior

Taipei Times: ‘It is nearly midnight when Tova Saul, an Orthodox Jew, approaches the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, carrying two large cases and a variety of contraptions. Within an hour, a row will have started that will see four people, including Saul, dragged to a police station. But for now she’s searching for cats. For more than two decades she has fed and cared for hundreds of cats, earning the informal title of the walled Old City’s “cat lady”. It’s not a nickname she likes. “When people refer to me as the cat lady, they are actually defining everybody else as people who won’t lift a finger to help an animal in need. So really it’s an insult to the human race,” she says… Across Jerusalem there are more than 100,000 strays, the municipality estimates, with only a limited government plan to deal with the problems they pose. But there is Saul and a few other volunteers… Saul, who is unmarried, came to Israel in the 1980s from the United States and has been caring for animals ever since. Since she started counting properly in 2009 she has caught and had spayed over 600 cats, while feeding thousands more… Last year, she says she spent US$15,000 of her own money on the cats, receiving back just US$7,000 in donations’. SOURCE…

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