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Will Lab-Grown Meat Overtake the Animal Agriculture Industry?

Susan Bird: ‘We’re rocketing toward a future where we can have meat without slaughtering millions of animals. It’s a dream that threatens the animal agriculture industry and provides hope for farm animals around the world. And this dream is coming to life inside a laboratory. Paul Cuatrecasas, CEO of Aquaa Partners, a London-based investment banking firm, says that meat producers better start paying attention to laboratory-grown — also known as “cultured” or “clean” — meat. He views it as a real threat to animal agriculture –- most immediately to those who grow animal feed. “Faced with the choice between two types of meats: one that is cheaper, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly, and the other — which is not — I cannot see traditional meat winning out long term,” writes Cuatrecasas… Cuatrecasas estimates that cultured meat will become a regular part of our diets within a decade or so. Here’s the kicker: This is not a far-flung fantasy– we’re going to see cultured meat in stores within a year. Or at least, that’s the goal set by Hampton Creek, producer of the popular vegan Just Mayo’. SOURCE…

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