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This Animal Rights Activist Reminds Us That Rats Need Rescuing Too

Emily Zak: ‘Mary Kate Fain organizes nonviolent protests for animal liberation in Philadelphia. And when she’s not engaged in activism, Fain comes home to five rats she’s adopted from a local sanctuary and a lab… Fain states “When I was in college… I had an opportunity to work in a rat lab… seeing firsthand what a lab was like and having to do tests and really just, I mean, my study was essentially traumatizing rats to see how they turned out. And within months I couldn’t take it anymore. It was just a truly horrible experience, seeing what these rats were going through. I couldn’t live with it anymore, so I quit. And then at the time, I had actually adopted some rats from the lab, so I went on to continue having rats as pets. And then got into taking rats from different rescue situations”… In honor of Rat Rescuers’ Day – July 22 — [Emily Zak] talked with Fain about her work rescuing rats’. SOURCE…

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