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71,596 research animals euthanised at New Zealand’s Otago University

Otago Daily Times: ‘More than 70,000 animals used for research were euthanised at the University of Otago over five years. The data, initially released to student magazine Critic, showed 89,660 animals were used in research in the five years until the end of 2016. Of the animals used, 71,596 (80 per cent) were euthanised. The number of animals used and euthanised was generally trending downwards over the five years; 17,347 animals were euthanised in 2012 compared with 10,280 last year. Most of the animals were mice and rats, followed by fish, amphibians and sheep. Dogs and cats were used as part of the research, but none were euthanised. Otago University stood by the importance of using animals in research and the need for its new $50 million animal research facility despite animal use dropping off. The Otago Student Animal Legal Defence Fund says the university should be more transparent about its use of animals and questioned whether the research carried out at Otago always warranted the suffering animals went through’. SOURCE…

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