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‘Humane milk is a myth’: UK ad relaunched

Steve Bird: ‘A controversial animal rights advertising campaign that claims drinking milk is inhumane has been given the thumbs up by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). The move has been met with outrage by farmers who claim the advert wrongly suggests that dairy farmers have scant regard for animal welfare. The campaign, which features a picture of a cow behind barbed wire with the headline “Humane milk is a myth – don’t buy it”, was launched in February by Go Vegan World, an organisation set up in memory of a dead hen. After the publication of the advert, which also appeared in the Sunday Telegraph, the ASA received seven complaints, many from those working in the dairy industry, insisting that the advert was inaccurate and misleading. But the ASA rejected the complaints claiming people would realise the comments were the pressure group’s own opinions’. SOURCE…

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