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From Rats To Humans, A Brain Knows When It Can’t Remember

Jon Hamilton: ‘The human brain knows what it knows. And so, it appears, does a rat brain. Rats have shown that they have the ability to monitor the strength of their own memories, researchers from Providence College reported in the journal Animal Cognition. Brain scientists call this sort of ability metacognition… The new study of rats offers consistent and clear evidence that they have these glimmerings of metacognitive monitoring… The finding suggests an ancient evolutionary path that eventually led to humans’ highly developed ability to monitor their own thoughts… “Rats and people probably use metamemory in very different ways”, says Michael Beran, a comparative psychologist and associate professor at Georgia State University… “For a rat, it’s about knowing whether you remember that predator in the distance; for people, metamemory is more likely to help us navigate social interactions”.’ SOURCE…

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