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Victory: Bali Bans the Dog Meat Trade

Alicia Graef: ‘Animal advocates are celebrating a major win following a historic announcement that Bali has banned the sale of dog meat after an undercover investigation exposed the horrors of the trade… The investigation exposed dogs being strangled, poisoned, shot and beaten to death, including pet dogs who were stolen. Although eating dog meat trade isn’t a Balinese tradition – it was brought to the island in the 1970s by a small group who came to work – it has unfortunately grown over the years… According to Animals Australia, an estimated 70, 000 dogs in Bali are killed for their meat every year, which is now served at around 75 restaurants. After the investigation was released, public outcry was swift. Thousands of people spoke out in an effort to shut down the trade, and now they’re celebrating a major victory’. SOURCE… 

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