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Rescued from hell: Aleppo zoo animals transferred to safety in Turkey

Iain Burns: ‘Three lions, two tigers, two hyenas and two bears on brink of starvation were evacuated from the Magic World Zoo in Aleppo after being caught up in clashes amid the country’s civil war. Saved by Turkey’s Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry in combination with Austrian charity Four Paws and a Turkish animal rights group, they have been taken to Bursa in northwestern Anatolia. The animals will be treated in Bursa – which is also home to some of the millions of refugees who have fled the Syrian war – before being housed in shelters… According to Four Paws’ Dr Amir Khalil: ‘Several animals were also killed by severe bombings. There was no way for them to escape this deadly trap… In a planned second stage in the operation, another two lions and two dogs will be rescued from the abandoned zoo… In the absence of food and zoo staff, wildlife in Syrian zoos have been left in a life-threatening situation – with the predators rescued from Aleppo thought to be on the verge of starving’. SOURCE…


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