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Despicable and evil owner of Arsenal football club launches new online “hunting channel”

Stewart Paterson: ‘UK Billionaire Stan Kroenke was slammed by animal rights campaigners for launching what is billed as the Netflix of the hunting world. Online streaming service My Outdoor TV (MOTV) features ‘big game’ — everything from elephants to antelopes — killed for sport was launched in the UK … Despite a furious backlash on social media… the channel’s spokesman Simon Barr told The Times: ‘MOTV will present ethical, fair chase hunting and as long as it’s legal it will be on there… Some of the shows feature big game hunting and see huntsmen shoot dead bears, lions and even an endangered African elephant… While MOTV insist the bloodsports are legal, animal rights and conservations groups branded the channel ‘sickening’… Fiona Pereira, campaign manager at Animal Aid, commented: ‘There’s nothing sporting or ethical about killing animals for pleasure. ‘Every animal, regardless of species, values his or her life as much as you or I value ours. ‘The notion of spending time and money in the pursuit of destroying another animal’s life, is warped beyond belief’… In one episode titled Dark Continent Quest, presenter Jana Waller uses a bow and arrow to take down a hartebeest in South Africa. ‘It’s a good shot. Definitely, some liver and some lungs hit,’ comments Waller’s professional guide as they wait for the creature to bleed out. Waller says: ‘The shot was a little far back for me, but one shot did it,’ says Miss Waller before holding up the animal’s horns’. SOURCE…

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