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A vision of hell: Sickening scenes inside pig farm that shame Britain

Lewis Panther: ‘Two pigs chomp on a dead hog in sickening ­pictures which shame ­Britain’s pig farming trade. The distressed swine, destined for dinner tables up and down the country, swarm over one another in darkened barns to feed on the carcass. It is a grisly scene… More than 30 dead piglets covered in flies are also seen in the footage shot at Hogwood Farm, set in rolling fields near Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwicks… But there is worse, much worse, just a few yards way. Activists from animal welfare group VIVA found another rotting hog with a huge wound being eaten by one of 15,000 pigs crammed into a farm owned by father-of-two Brian Hobill. Skulls of two more pigs and a jaw bone and a leg that have been devoured in the same pen are a clear breach of guidelines… VIVA founder Juliet Gellatley uncovered what she described as a “vision of hell” after a tip-off from a former employee… Animal welfare expert Dr Andrew Knight, of the University of Winchester, said the conditions were so bad that disease could be passed to humans. He said: “They are a shocking reminder of how bad factory farming can be. Extremely poor hygiene, filthy, dilapidated pens and waterlogged floors… There was a disturbing absence of care for sick and dying animals and dead pigs from pens hadn’t been removed”.’ SOURCE…

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