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Investigation: Dogs and Cats Suffer, Die at Liberty Research

PETA: ‘An eyewitness investigation reveals that dogs and cats were used in horrific experiments and suffered at the hands of incompetent staff at Liberty Research, Inc. Workers at the multimillion-dollar contract testing laboratory and dog and cat breeding company, tormented animals, engaged in bad science, cut corners to increase profits, and fostered a pervasive culture of animal neglect. Liberty uses hundreds of dogs and cats each year in cruel tests — many of them for veterinary drugs — that it carries out for pharmaceutical giants such as Bayer, Novartis, and Merck… In one experiment, workers used a drill to bore holes into the skulls of 30 young beagles so that distemper virus could be injected directly into their brains. …

In an experiment that Liberty carried out for a pharmaceutical company, young dogs were injected with megadoses of an opioid and subjected to multiple blood draws. They became lethargic and depressed, refusing to eat. They were made to suffer even though microdosing, computational methods, and cell-based methods could instead have been used. In experiments funded by another company, workers injected an insecticide into dogs to evaluate their tolerance to it, although a synthetic skin could have been used instead… 

Liberty performs archaic, cruel experiments on animals, despite the existence of well-established, alternative methods that do not use animals in laboratories… PETA has alerted officials to apparent violations of animal protection laws and written to companies that conduct business with Liberty, asking that they reconsider their relationship with the company’. SOURCE…

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  1. LucyP

    Watch the disturbing video footage at and decide for yourself. These animals are no different from the ones who share our homes, yet 30 dogs had holes drilled in their skulls (some of whom whimpered during the ordeal due to improper anesthesia) and distemper virus injected into their brains. Other dogs were given massive doses of opioids, even though there are proven non-animal methods for testing these. The level of abuse, incompetence, and suffering at this facility is inexcusable.

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