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China implements new one-dog-per-household rule

Yvette Tan: ‘After China’s lifting of its longstanding one-child policy, it’s started to put in a one-dog policy. A couple of cities in China have introduced restrictions on dog ‘ownership’, allowing each household to only have one dog. Qingdao, in the eastern part of China, released new rules on Thursday that will levy fines of 2,000 yuan ($294) on people who have more than one dog. The city is also banning dogs from 40 different breeds. These include “ferocious” dogs like pit bulls, Doberman pinschers and Tibetan mastiffs. People who already own more than one animal will be allowed to keep them… Under the new regulations, dog owners also have to register the pets and pay a one-time registration fee of $60, according to Beijing News. According to an official from Qingdao, there have been an increasing number of incidents with dogs in which people have been “disturbed and even injured”… Qingdao’s new regulations follow a similar decision in Chengdu, the capital of China’s Sichuan province. The major city introduced its one-dog policy in 2009′. SOURCE…

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