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Live Donkey Fed to Tigers at Chinese Zoo

Jani Actman: ‘A live donkey was fed to tigers in front of the public, an incident that has fueled concerns about the welfare of the animals at the facility and at Chinese zoos in general… At the Yancheng Safari Park, just outside Shanghai, a group of men in raincoats push a donkey down a wooden ramp into a moat where two tigers pounce on it. At one point the donkey thrashes around underwater… Disgruntled shareholders were behind the incident, according to a statement (in Chinese) issued by the zoo. Angered by a lack of financial returns from the zoo, the shareholders arranged for the group of men to capture some of the animals, including the donkey, and sell them to people outside the facility. After being stopped by security, the men decided instead to push the donkey into the tiger enclosure to at least “save on animal feed”… This incident is the latest in a string of disturbing events involving Chinese zoos, which have earned a reputation as lacking in animal welfare standards. According to Cress, new wealth in China has led to a boom in zoo and aquarium businesses during the past 20 years, but a respect for animals and an understanding of best welfare principles has lagged behind’. SOURCE…

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