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UK Animal Welfare Party proposes tougher penalties for animal cruelty

The Daily Express: ‘Vanessa Hudson, the leader of the Animal Welfare Party (AWP), has called for tougher penalties for people convicted of animal cruelty. She said that the party was founded “in response to a growing awareness that, despite huge public interest, animal and environmental issues rarely rise to the top of the political agenda”… Policies include phasing out animal experimentation, bigger penalties for those convicted of animal cruelty and ending live animal transport… The party was established in 2006, modelled on its sister party in Holland, Party for the Animals. It has stood in nine elections with a slowly increasing vote share… The party says it is not just political but part of a wider movement for animal rights. Miss Hudson said: “We’re now part of a worldwide movement of 18 political parties for animals that takes in Europe, Australia, Canada, the US and Asia.” “There’s a high degree of cooperation and support amongst our parties and we tend to meet to workshop at least once a year”.’ SOURCE…

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