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Another Canadian retailer pulls product from shelves after mislabelling fur

Elizabeth McSheffrey: ‘Another major Canadian retailer has pulled a product from its shelves after providing false information to customers about its real fur content. Ardene, a Montreal-based clothing, accessories and shoe company, has apologized to clients for “mistakenly” labelling a knee-high black sock with a fur pom-pom detail as being made exclusively with synthetic materials… Beginning in December 2016, Ardene staff were caught assuring two customers… that the knee-high socks contained “no real fur” reportedly after verifying that fact with the company buying department. Upon purchase, printed receipts also described the product as “faux fur.” The issue was brought to the attention of Animal Justice, which filed a legal complaint with the Competition Bureau for contraventions of Canada’s Textile Labelling Act and Competition Act in early April.

According to Animal Justice, the product’s fur pom-pom is likely made from rabbit. The organization has sent the product off to the Competition Bureau, which will determine if Ardene is guilty of using a label containing a “misleading representation” related to the product, or of incorrect labelling. “If they’re misrepresenting what’s in those socks, that’s a problem, not only from an animal ethics standpoint, but from a consumer protection standpoint as well,” said lawyer Camille Labchuk, executive director of Animal Justice. “When people look at an item and see a label that indicates ‘no fur,’ they should be able to purchase that confidently, without being duped into something they find is immoral”… The events unfolded less than two years after another major Canadian retailer, Kit and Ace, pulled a winter toque from its stores after an exclusive National Observer investigation revealed that its pom-pom was made from raccoon dog, a member of the canine family that lives in East Asia’. SOURCE…

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