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I’m sick of hearing lies about vegan diets – I’m raising my child vegan because I have her best interests at heart

Jimmy Pierson: ‘Eating animal products is the leading cause of climate change, and processed meat is a recognised carcinogen. So how exactly am I harming my daughter by helping her avoid meat and dairy?… If recent news stories are to be believed that should have you recoiling in horror, but you need not – she’s thriving, along with millions of other vegan children around the world. That’s because a plant-based vegan diet contains everything we need nutritionally and, in my experience, gives children the very best start in life, for their physical health and emotional wellbeing. Last week it was reported that “trendy” vegan diets can cause “irreversible damage” to a child’s nervous system and even death. Death by veganism? The idea would be funny if it wasn’t so damaging. Put simply, this sort of talk is straight-up scaremongering, flying in the face of an extensive body of independent scientific research. It also contrasts with the position of the British Dietetic Association, which has long supported vegan diets for children’. SOURCE…

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