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RIP Suzi: A tragedy by most definitions

Khan Shehram Eusufzye: ‘After being confined to a small space for 29 long years… [Pakistan’s] Lahore Zoo announced the death of Suzi, the lone female African bush elephant… The death of Suzi is a tragedy by most definitions, just like the death of the giraffes at the Lahore Zoo. But instead of answering some pertinent questions, the authorities concerned are busy selling the idea to the general public that the elephant had already outlived her “usefulness.” Nobody is talking about the fact that zoo elephants experience a host of physical and psychological ailments that are not observed among their free-living counterparts. The visitors shall miss the swaying of her head, the occasional step backwards, the curling of her trunk, and the folding of her ears — gestures which were often misinterpreted for joyful behaviour but were actually signs of her feeling forlorn in her enclosure and yearning for companions. These compulsive and repetitive movements, often referred to as stereotypical behaviour by biologists, indicate the torrid time being experienced by elephants in captivity’. SOURCE… 

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