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LA County authorities FALSELY claim that 7,000 birds will ‘have to’ be killed after cockfighting raid

Jim Holt: ‘A raid carried out on a Val Verde cockfighting operation has netted the largest seizure of birds bred for fighting in the U.S. history, authorities reported Tuesday. An estimated 7,000 birds were found at a suspected cockfighting operation in Val Verde when authorities raided the place Monday afternoon. Authorities also found other animals and some 50 guard dogs. Unsuitable for adoption, however, the fighting birds have to be humanely killed, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control. “They found about 7,000 birds,” Don Barre said, with her noting they were all chickens – roosters and hens. “They will not be made available for adoption. There is no sanctuary for fighting birds,” she said [A FALSE CLAIM]. “This is because they are very aggressive and cannot be housed with any other chickens. Even the hens would attack other hens. These are not pets.” Barre cited “concerns for public and animal health”… At least eight people were detained during the operation including the owners of the bird-holding property, LASD Sgt. Bob Boese told The Signal. “There were no arrests but eight to 10 were detained,” he said, noting detectives and prosecutors are in the process of articulating what appropriate laws were allegedly broken before arrests are made’. SOURCE…

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