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New undercover video pours out painful truth about dairy farm in Pennsylvania

Compassion Over Killing: ‘In a heartbreaking new undercover video, Compassion Over Killing reveals violent abuse of gentle mother cows at Mason Dixon Farms, a massive dairy factory farm in Pennsylvania with more than 2,500 animals. Mason Dixon supplies some of the biggest names in dairy, including Dairy Farmers of America and Land O’Lakes. One of the largest dairy facilities on the East Coast, Mason Dixon was the first in the US to implement milking of cows by machines, known as “robo-milking.” Approximately half of the 2,500 cows on this factory farm are now “robo-milked”… Cows at Mason Dixon produce up to 25 gallons of milk a day — that’s more than twice the amount of milk on other dairy factory farms. Hooked up to milking machines several times a day, these cows often suffer painful inflammation of the udders, known as mastitis. To keep producing milk, dairy cows are continually artificially inseminated in an invasive manual procedure. Just like human mothers, cows carry their babies for nine months… COK submitted evidence of animal cruelty to local authorities, calling for prompt enforcement action. According to Dairy Farmers of America, which Mason Dixon supplies, Mason Dixon has fired one employee in response to the acts of animal cruelty documented in this footage’. SOURCE…

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