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Zoos lose favor with a quarter of Americans

Gregory McCarriston: ‘According to a new YouGov survey, a noteworthy 25% of all US adults report that they are more opposed to zoos and aquariums today than they were 10 years ago. Still, despite recent controversies, nearly half of the country says their feelings on zoos and aquariums have not changed… With more than four in 10 consumers reporting that their views have changed over the past decade, the question of what’s causing this shift in opinion arises. Of Americans who have grown more opposed to zoos, 70% say some kind of media — whether a news story or documentary film — played a major role in changing their minds. The same is true for 40% of those who have grown more in favor of zoos. These are encouraging numbers for journalists and filmmakers looking to make an impact on public opinion’. SOURCE…

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