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Animals Aren’t ‘Freight’: 11 Ways You Can Help Them

PETA: ‘Every week, more than a billion live animals are transported worldwide over long distances, through blazing heat and freezing cold, often without food, water, or veterinary care—as if they were nothing more than freight. Their grueling journeys frequently end at a slaughterhouse, where they face a terrifying death. Others end up on pet store shelves or in laboratory cages. On August 29, caring people around the world participate in a global day of action against all forms of live-animal transport. This day marks the anniversary of the world’s worst live-export disaster when more than 67,000 sheep burned to death or drowned when the ship carrying them across the Indian Ocean burst into flames and sank. The best way to help animals is never to buy them or their body parts for any reason, but we can also help reduce their suffering by taking action now to improve their transport conditions. Here are 11 actions you can take’. SOURCE…

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