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How big pharma is making huge profits from torturing and killing horses

Hanna Lownsbrough: ‘According to the Animal Welfare Foundation, the German corporation IDT Biologika has fostered a lucrative relationship with horse farms in Argentina and Uruguay in order to procure the hormone PMSG, now more correctly called equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG), for their products. The hormone is only found in the blood of mares in early pregnancy, so farms repeatedly impregnate the horses, and siphon off as many as ten liters of blood in a single session, week after week, over a period of up to 11 months to secure the hormone… Once extracted, PMSG/eCG is mainly used to make products that manipulate the breeding cycle of pigs. Administered by injection, it synchronizes pigs’ cycles and makes the industrial production of piglets more efficient.

For some horses, the procedures used to harvest the blood cause anemia and, given the huge volumes of blood removed (up to a quarter of the total blood volume), can send them into shock—or even lead to death. The survivors will have their pregnancies terminated, so the cycle can begin again. Around 30 percent of horses die as a result of this endless cycle of repeated impregnation and blood harvesting. Those that do survive are shipped straight to slaughter once they are too old or weak to become pregnant’. SOURCE…

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