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Six Shocking Reasons You Need To Rethink Your Trip To The Zoo

The Alternative Daily: ‘Zoo proponents always point to two main reasons for keeping zoos open: conservation and education. And yes, on a rare occasion, you’ll hear reports about zoos helping to bring back an animal from the edge of extinction with the Species Survival Program (SSP). So, for these reasons, it seems like a zoo is still the best way to instill a sense of respect for wildlife amongst youngins. However, we argue that it actually normalizes animal entertainment — something that the next generation could try to fix rather than propagate.

Here’s some research to back up our theory. In one study, researchers found that 86 percent of visitors went to the zoo for “social or recreational purposes” rather than for educational reasons. In another study at the Lincoln Park Zoo, 338 visitors were tracked as they walked through the exhibits. Researchers found that 41 percent of their time was spent staring at the animal, while only nine percent was spent reading interpretives and signage. Sounds like education isn’t exactly a priority for these visitors. Here are a few more reasons to avoid the zoo’. SOURCE…

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