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US Coast Guard suspends practice of killing animals in trauma training

Lindsey Bever: ‘The U.S. Coast Guard said Thursday that it has suspended a longtime practice in which it used live animals during trauma training. The suspension of “live tissue training” will last at least six months, giving the Coast Guard time to examine non-animal alternatives, such as using dummies, Coast Guard spokeswoman Alana Miller said. “The idea is not to continue” using live animals, Miller said in an interview, “but we want to make sure we’re identifying the best practices for the Coast Guard”… Rep. Roybal-Allard wrote in an op-ed: “to simulate injuries that Search and Rescue personnel might encounter at sea, the Coast Guard and other military branches have relied on ‘live tissue training,’ during which sedated pigs or goats are shot or stabbed (and ultimately euthanized). Fortunately, high-tech human simulators are now available as a superior training alternative, eliminating the need for live tissue training… In fact, simulators are now used by virtually all medical schools and many elite military units because they are a much more effective means of teaching personnel how to provide emergency medical care under realistic conditions in the field,” she wrote… Animal protection activists have for years decried using live animals in military medic drills and called on the government to find more humane ways to train the troops’. SOURCE…

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