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Film director: Animal rights activists on ‘right side of history’

Aaron Burgin: ‘Five years ago, Christopher Grimes said he wanted to answer what he thought was a straightforward question — how are the owners of commercial dog kennels, sometimes referred to as “puppy mills,” able to keep states and the federal government to not better regulate their operations, which have come under scrutiny in some cases for the inhumane treatment of the pets they breed. Activists for years have cast a light on the mistreatment of animals from these facilities, which wind up in the hands of unsuspecting consumers who purchase them at retail pet shops in local malls or shops. Those consumers are often saddled with hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical expenses — or worse.

“This seemed like an easy political win,” said Grimes, the owner of the Illinois-based 5414 Productions, Inc. with his wife, Leigh Cavich-Grimes. “Why wouldn’t any politician jump at the chance to protect what for many families is their family pet? Who really would be on the side of allowing inhumane conditions to continue at these facilities?” The answer to the question, as Grimes found out, was complex and inexorably tied to big money, which has shielded some of the most inhumane of dog breeders from the regulations that would halt the animal mistreatment. It is this interplay between politics, animal welfare and money that became the heart of his 90-minute documentary, “Dog by Dog”… Grimes said he hopes that the documentary helps to raise awareness about the treatment of animals in these facilities and complements the work of activists who carry the mantle of animal welfare on a daily basis’. SOURCE…

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