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Anita Krajnc found not guilty of mischief charge for giving water to pigs, in spite of corrupt speciesist judge

Samantha Craggs: ‘An Ontario Court judge has found animal activist Anita Krajnc not guilty of mischief for giving water to pigs outside a slaughterhouse. Judge David Harris dismissed a charge Thursday against Krajnc, the 49-year-old founder of Toronto Pig Save. Krajnc was charged after she poured water into the openings of a metal trailer outside Fearman’s Pork Inc. in Burlington, Ont., in June 2015. The trial began last year and included five days of testimony. If convicted, Krajnc could have been fined and sent to jail for six months. It was clear Krajnc was giving the pigs water, Harris said, and not an “unknown liquid” as police initially alleged… Harris rejected the assertion by Krajnc’s vegan lawyers, James Silver and Gary Grill, that pigs are persons and not property. He also had stern words for the lawyers comparing Krajnc to Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Susan B. Anthony, a comparison that seemed designed to generate headlines for her cause and “look good in the social media posts.” He was also annoyed that Krajnc’s lawyers compared her giving water to pigs to Hungarians giving water to Jews headed to concentration camps. “I found the comparison to be offensive,” Harris said, “and I will be attaching no weight to it in my decision”.’ SOURCE…

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